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Why are people interested by art? Maybe one of the first reasons in history was to celebrate god. Other motivations may just be for fun, aesthetic purpose, a simple display of virtuosity, a tribute to someone, a way to protest against something, or a way to tell a story. Art is also one of the few things that will last after us.

But what is the most important: the artistic work itself or the message it sends us? During the last centuries, in the western world, there were several great artistic movements with their own style, rules, their favorite themes of interest, their own historical background, and so on.

How to judge how good an artwork is? Does it must perfectly match with the style or not? How far can a piece of music be from the reference style?

Until the beginning of the twentieth century, or maybe the end of the nineteenth, an artist couldn’t think about creating an artwork which didn’t fall within the style of time. The style was something collective. It is no longer so. Today, each composer uses his own techniques. The process of globalization (and individualism) has changed art.

So today now, why are people interested by art? Maybe they need to define, or to find their own identity.

However, how can we contemplate modernism in such a context?

The aim of this website is to show several interpretations of guitar and piano music, to suggest an analysis of it, to question these pieces, and to try to find an answer to those questions above. Most of these works are of interest either because they show a particular feature, or because they are characteristic of a style or a composer.

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