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Estudos de harpejos n° 2

Dernière mise à jour : 26 nov. 2018

Listen to Study n°2:

This time arpeggios don’t obey to a right-hand fingering or string logic but simply follow the upward order of chord tones. As it is written with eight notes in a 4/4 measure, a 3 tones chord could not complete the 4 notes. So arpeggios may be accentuated with almost a “Rumba” rhythm.

This study written in the A major key may follow the form AB (with a coda), in which the A section would go from the beginning to measure 12, the B from measure 13 to 23 and the little coda from 24 to 27. Like study n°1, there is no theme or melodic line.

From measure 1 to 4, there are I and V chords. In measure 3, since it contains the note E, the A#°7 chord is a passing diminished chord between the two E7 chords.

From measure 5 to 8, there are AM, Am, EM, Em, bringing a B7 (V/V) chord in measure 9.

There is a change of the arpeggio pattern in measure 10, and the music stays on the E7 (Vth) chord until measure 12. This measure 12 consists in a stepwise downward motion of the A major scale from F# to F#. Is the measure 11 a climax?

Measure 13: a AM chord and then F#m chord. In measure 14 there is a passing G# to fit with the eight notes rhythm, and bring variety to the arpeggios. With the C#7 chord in measure 15, the music modulates in the F# minor relative key. In measure 17 the C#- chord brings a V/V chord (G#7).

Then there is a harmonic sequence from measure 19 to 21 (G#7, C#7, F#7, B7) to bring back the music in the A major key.

In measure 24 we find back the first measure. In measure 25, the FM7 chord brings a minor subdominant sound because of the natural F.

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